Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Yay, finally a good movie released in the post-Christmas movie shitpile! I really would recommend this film, and not just to Colin Farrell fans, because I know I’m the only one around.
One of my least favorite genres is the hyper-violent, “clever hit man” genre. I think they’re overdone - the writers/actors/directors generally try too hard and care more about showcasing slick ultraviolence than presenting any actual ideas. Not to mention that I don’t really believe “clever hit men” exist in real life. No hit man engages in horrific, brutal acts, and then makes articulate, light-hearted quips to his partner. It’s kind of the male movie equivalent of the “hooker with a heart of gold.” It’s Hollywood; it’s 100% fake. That being said, the characters in this film are toned down a few notches to a believable level. Any below-average moments can easily be overlooked considering that it’s the director/writer Martin McDonagh’s first feature-length film.

I also hate the flippant bloodbaths that Quentin Tarantino popularized in Hollywood films. There’s a requisite bloodbath in this film, but it’s heavy. The last few seconds of the movie are a slam-dunk like nothing I’ve seen in recent memory. It takes some balls to end a movie this way, and I’m not saying anything else.


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