Thursday, January 17, 2008


Time for another pop song. I heard this particular song on the radio a few times and always thought, “Who is this? This sounds like the Scissor Sisters.” Obviously it wasn’t, but I was stumped. Of course the first time I even tried to figure it out, I did quite easily: Nelly Furtado. I knew nothing about her before (and still don’t) except that sometimes she looks really hot, and other times looks really terrible.

I didn’t realize until I saw the music video that she also owes a huge debt to Michael Jackson… or maybe it’s a tribute? Anyway the video is Thriller-Lite. But the song is good. You guys will probably hate it too, but imagine if you actually listened to the radio for an hour a day (I’ve done it many times while driving when my CD player doesn’t work)... A song like this gleams like a shiny quarter in the stank sewer ditch of popular music.

"Maneater" by Nelly Furtado

There’s also a cool Indian remix of this which I found while searching for the video: Maneater Remix
Isn’t every song better if it has an Indian or Latin beat?


Blogger slucas said...

OK, first off, this song sucks. Secondly, how does she manage to rip off both Thriller AND Beat It in one lousy video?

12:18 AM  

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